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Revealed: the parts of your home you probably never clean

A new study has found the areas of our homes we're least likely to pay attention to
   Katie Byrne  |  written on: 18-04-2022 09:00am

A new study has uncovered the areas of our home we're least likely to clean.

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According to the research (which was conducted by End of Tenancy London), the lighting fixtures in our home is one of the most likely details to be over-looked, with 77% of Brits revealing they don't regularly clean them.

Sensa,Sensa by Cosentino,granite,quartzite,quartz,natural stone,kitchen,work surface,countertop
Inspiration by Cosentino

That said, over four-fifths (82%) of us never clean the air vents in our homes, whilst 75% never scrub the grouting around the tiles in our kitchens or bathrooms. Almost half (44%) admitted to never cleaning their kitchen bin 71% said they have never cleaned their TV remote(s) and 67% never wipe door handles. (We can neither confirm nor teny whether Team KBB Ark is within the 67% or not.)

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The reason for this? According to the research, tiredness and a lack of time, with 'working long hours' cited as the reason by 30% of those surveyed.

strait, bathroom, Modern, bath, yellow, backtowall, back-to-wall, acrylic, luxury, homeinteriors, watersbaths, newbathroom
Inspiration by Waters Baths of Ashbourne

Other popular reasons for not being able to clean these specific areas include kids taking up spare time (26%), find cleaning unappealing (19%), too many social commitments (17%) and hoping someone else will do it (8%).

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Speaking about the findings, Ivan Ivanov, MD End of Tenancy Cleaning London, observed: "We all know cleaning is an integral part of the home owning and renting experience. Yet, it seems to daunt many of us. Particularly, due to the time and effort required. Many of us end up putting it off or are occupied by a ton of other responsibilities. This research carefully highlights the aspects of the home that Brits either rarely or never clean. Whilst some may come as no shock, others are highly surprising – given how frequently they are used every day. Brits certainly need to take a more proactive approach towards cleaning all sections of the house rather than just the essentials. Doing so, will enhance the aesthetics of the home and facilitate a more organised living environment".

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Katie Byrne

Katie Byrne is a writer, editor and filter fan (coffee, not Instagram), and lives in a Georgian-built flat that features various statement cobwebs.

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