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Three ways to refresh the feel of your interiors this spring

With spring almost sprung, here's how to welcome the new season into your home in style
   Andy Briggs  |  written on: 12-04-2022 09:00am

It's safe to say that blooming flowers, an explosion of pastel colours and fresh breezes paint the picture of springtime.

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It’s time to introduce that feeling of fresh air into the home, from decluttering the space to brightening a room. With that in mind, get inspired with this trio of ideas for adding some seasonal feeling into your home.

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Inspiration by Spaceslide

1. Let there be light!
Invite rays of sunshine into the bedroom by making the best use of mirrors. Spaces with large mirrors will bounce light around the room, illuminating the space and creating the illusion of a larger room. For smaller spaces, a mirrored finish will definitely brighten a once cramped bedroom.

Inspiration by Aflux London

A simple way to introduce this is by using mirrored wardrobe doors; another innovative solution to let beams of light travel through the home is using clear room dividers or glass doors instead of the traditional opaque doors.

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Inspiration by Spaceslide

Ark advises: Spend a minute once a day polishing the mirrors to keep your bedroom looking light and bright; after all, smudged fingerprints and greasy smears are hardly the glamorous finishing touches your boudoir needs. 

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2. Colour renaissance
Soft pastel shades are typically used throughout springtime, and thanks to their ability to work effortlessly with natural textures and hard materials, you can introduce these colours for a delicate splash of colour.

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Use small accessories, such as plump cushions or decorative art to keep it simple, or inject the gentle colours into the bedroom by updating the furniture. 

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3. Clutter, clutter go away!
Nothing provides a refreshed feeling quite like getting rid of winter clutter that has built up in the home. One of the handiest, yet often overlooked solutions is to invest in quality storage solutions.

storage,wardrobe,sliding doors,declutter,wardrobe doors
Inspiration by Spaceslide

Customisable storage kits bring a personal touch to your choice of wardrobe or they can even work as open free-standing shelving. Restore your home this spring by combining aesthetics with practicality, not by getting rid of clutter, but by turning it into order.

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