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Profile: A Master Bedroom with A Luxurious, Boutique Vibe

A sophisticated bedroom complete with rich textures creates the perfect opulent sanctuary
   EKBB Magazine  |  written on: 02-01-2022 18:15pm

Originally a 1950s house with a flat extension to the side of the property, this professional couple wanted to merge the two dwellings into one. There was a complete reconfiguration to the layout inside in order to create a functional family home that adapted to their changing needs as a young family.

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- Owners/residents: A professional couple

- Designer: Roisín Lafferty, founder, owner and managing director of Kingston Lafferty Design

- Style: Contemporary

- Bedroom feature: Located in Dublin, this property merges two dwellings into a four bedroom, four bathroom family home. The brief was to create a sophisticated bedroom and en suite that was both comfortable and had a luxury feel

Luxury layers were added using a mixture of different textiles, including silky pillows and a faux fur throw

Their brief for the main bedroom and en suite was a luxurious, boutique vibe that would be a sanctuary away from the hectic goings on of family life throughout the rest of the house. Cue Roisín Lafferty from Kingston Lafferty Design, who was tasked with bringing this couple’s dream to life.

After dealing with the structural configurations of the property, Roisín embraced the desire for a unique and well-designed bedroom space that had the wow factor. The starting point was the colour scheme, and a soothing yet prominent grey was chosen for the walls and flooring. The luxury elements were added by using eye-catching, metallic lighting and a combination of beautiful furs, silks and velvet.

The real statement piece for this bedroom design however, was the stunning headboard. “We designed a custom headboard to cocoon the bedframe and create this perfect nook that feels as though it embraces the bed when you lie in it. This creates that sanctuary feel we were aiming for – a haven to escape to and a bed that almost welcomes you in and holds you in its frame. Equally the rich, luxurious, velvety texture with deep buttoning details makes for an opulent yet tranquil piece that is elegant but cosy,” said Roisín.

Elements of interest come through in this neutral grey scheme with the use of metallic architectural lighting and unique artwork

Q & A – Roisín Lafferty, founder, owner and managing director of Kingston Lafferty Design

- What was the starting point for this bedroom and en suite?
We wanted this space to be an escape from the rest of the house. It was important to bring a luxurious and opulent feel to the space, but also to make it feel like a haven, like a luxury hotel suite. To achieve this, we aimed for a chic, sophisticated look, with rich deep textures, for a room that is both comfortable and indulgent. It also needed to be the ‘adult space’, serving as a relaxed, chilled out area to unwind from the hectic pace of family life.

- What was the biggest challenge?
As a project, this one was challenging as it was a full spatial reconfiguration. We worked with a structural engineer to ensure the design was structurally sound and built around the client’s needs, as well as devising an exciting layout that allowed the homeowners’ creativity and personality to come through.

patterned,tiles,bathroom,bathtub,mirror,fired earth,eye-catching,narrow,geometric,gold,Moorish,Moroccan,grey,tub,tile,floor,monochrome,basin counter,vanity,traditional taps,marble countertop

These patterned tiles from Fired Earth make an eye-catching impact as you walk through the door

- What did you want to achieve for the en suite bathroom design?
It had to be unique and clever, however in keeping with the master bedroom this space needed to emulate the feel of a contemporary, luxury hotel. It was all about the details. We combined intricate panelling, layered mirroring brass details, custom-made sink units and a detailed tiling layout to repeat the feelings of opulence and luxury seen in the bedroom.

A soak in the tub is just what’s needed to relax after a long, busy day

- Tell us about the statement lighting in the bedroom...
Layering the lighting is key to our designs. The lights here are quite unique – we went for something simple by the bedside and a more dramatic piece for the main central light. I think statement lighting is a great way to add that note of opulence and drama while contrasting with rich, soft textures.

Credit: Lucy Macdonald (Words)
Published: As featured in EKBB Magazine, Issue 250, February 2017

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