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Profile: Minimalist Splendour in a Classic ‘Breton’ Stone House

Set within woodland scenery, this home’s bathroom beautifully combines white with marble
   EKBB Magazine  |  written on: 30-10-2021 14:00pm

Near the picturesque coastline of Brittany in France, the owners of this extended stone house have created a private escape. The thought of walking into the middle of a forest to get to their home is what first drew Vlasdimil, along with his partner Jean-Luc and twin brother Vladimir, to this property.

A bespoke double-size, wall-hung basin unit made from marble is the feature piece in this room. Providing a wash space for two, a pair of solid brush stainless steel taps with swivel spouts create symmetry

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- Owners/residents: Vlasdimil, along with his partner Jean-Luc and twin brother Vladimir

- Designer: Morten Bo Jensen, chief designer at Vipp

- Style: Minimalist

- Bathroom feature: Simplicity is key in the bathroom of this classic ‘Breton’ stone house with glass extension. Natural materials, including a marble double washbasin, are in keeping with the stunning woodland surroundings. Accessories in white and brushed stainless steel tapware add the finishing touches to this serene family bathing space

Complementing the scheme, the classic Vipp bin is a useful addition to this bathroom. It features a foot pedal and a softclosing lid for easy hands-free disposal

When it came to designing and styling their bathing space, they knew exactly what they wanted. The bathroom needed to become an extension of the natural surroundings. “This house truly is a nature escape where solitude and peacefulness have replaced daily life in bustling Paris”, explains Vladimir.

A combination of letting in plenty of light and using multiple textured surfaces gives this bathroom a welcoming and relaxing feel. A skylight is an integral part of the space as it allows natural light to flood in, especially in the summer.

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A skylight and a large frameless mirror ensure there’s plenty of light reflected around the room adding to the natural spacious feeling

“What’s important in a bathroom or in any room is that you feel serenity there and that the things you surround yourself with bring joy’, says Morten Bo Jensen, chief designer at Vipp. This is particularly true here as the tranquil area in which the house is perched boasts a serene silence that you wouldn’t find anywhere near a city.

In clean white, the wall-hanging Vipp shelf is made with a useful silicone rubber mat which ensures that your favourite items are placed sturdily on there

Q & A – Morten Bo Jensen, chief designer at Vipp

- Can you describe the design of this bathroom space?
There are two bathrooms in this house, both designed in a timeless aesthetic that pays tribute to the original expression of the house and the modernity infused through the remodeling. High quality materials meet clean lines which make for a spa-like retreat.

- This property is set within beautiful woodland scenery. How and why do Vipp designs carefully consider sustainability?
Since 1939, the vast majority of Vipp’s products have been manufactured in steel and aluminium. As such, we are not users of organic materials. However, we are very aware of the issues inherent in the current ‘use-and-throw-away’ culture of design, whether we talk organic materials or not. I think that today, products are being designed for the sake of the new and under the dogma that new is always better. To us, it is not. That is why you will never see a new collection of toilet brushes by Vipp the coming season. We make one of each product, and then we do our best in its conception to make sure we end up with a product that our customers can value for a lifetime. Just like our 76-year-old bin which is proof enough for us that it can stand the test of time.

- Vipp is a Danish company with traditional design ethics. Can you tell us about how this Scandinavian aesthetic affects how you design a bathroom?
In Denmark, we frequently use the term ‘hygge’. There is no real translation for it, as it is more of a feeling. It comes from Danes moving indoors for large parts of the year to shield ourselves from the coldness of Scandinavia. We light candles and cook food and gather around the dinner table, on the couch or elsewhere to spend time together. Winter bathing is part of this, that is relaxation to the Danes.

Credit: Anders Hviid (Images), Emma Foale (Words)
Published: As featured in EKBB Magazine, Issue 239, March 2016

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