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Profile: A Country Kitchen with an Industrial Edge

Period features, contemporary fixtures and a mix of raw materials give this kitchen a timeless feel
   EKBB Magazine  |  written on: 26-12-2021 16:45pm

Anna and Jonathan Beauchamp’s kitchen sits in what was once a garage attached to their period property. “The original bones of the building were a derelict Georgian farmhouse that hadn’t been occupied for two years,” says Anna. “We planned to use the room which initially had housed the kitchen as a playroom and build out on the rest, so this was a really big project.”

raw materials,  polished concrete, farmhouse, white worktop, marble worktop, bar stools, white, industrial light, island, breakfast bar,

The duo decided to paint the original RSJ beams of the garage ceiling and leave them exposed, to create a feature and add interest

Quick View 

- Owners/residents:
Anna and Jonathan Beauchamp and their children

- Designer: Jamie Blake, director at Blakes London

- Style: Country, industrial, contemporary

- Kitchen feature: A juxtaposition of raw materials complements the period features of the space, marrying the new with the old

The room is a celebration of raw materials, with polished concrete flooring and work surfaces, limed timber cabinetry and a kitchen island topped with Carrera marble

While Anna was keen to incorporate lots of vintage pieces in the room, her husband’s love of contemporary style meant this was always going to be a room bursting with sleek, stylish personality. “We wanted this space to marry the old with the new,” she explains. “The building is 250 years old so we thought contemporary cabinetry and finishes would work well. We’ve softened the sleek lines with a few eclectic pieces – a bespoke table made from reclaimed antique floorboards from a château in France, dining chairs salvaged from an abbey that was being disassembled, and a reconditioned AGA at the heart of it all.”

Anna loves the way the kitchen enhances the aspect of the house. The large windows and glass doors on either side of the room accentuate the light and the rural scenery

Polished concrete floors and worktops sitting alongside limed timber cabinets and an island topped with Carrera marble defines the bold interiors. “There’s something Downton-esque about the marble,” laughs Anna. “Lots of people advised against using it, but I thought if it did the job in Victorian kitchens then it would work for us.” Anna admits she loves the stunning views that surround the space. “We knew we wanted lots of glass and huge windows in this space so we could bring the outside in,” she explains. “We also positioned the sink so we can look out over the fields and beautiful oak trees while we’re doing the washing up!”

Key vintage pieces of furniture and accessories contrast with the sleek lines of the contemporary cabinetry and flooring

Q & A – Jamie Blake, director at Blakes London

- What was your brief?
Anna and Jonathan wanted a room that was industrial yet forgiving to the period features of the home, which is a farmhouse built in 1773. They wanted to marry an eclectic group of materials and finishes.

- How did you balance the sense of space with an atmosphere of warmth?
I think the use of such varying materials is the defining characteristic in achieving the balance in the space. If you were to put the materials together on a list of paper most would not believe they work, but the opposite is true if each material is used to the right amount – subtlety is key here. The decision to go with the limed timber cabinets adds a lot of warmth, countering the cold feel of the concrete floor. The exposed brickwork and traditional farmhouse doors also play a huge role in balancing the space.

- What were the challenges?
To come up with a design that complemented the home, so that it could sit well in the space and bring the two styles of traditional English with the industrial together.

- What feature are you most proud of in this kitchen?
A successful space such as this is always the result of a partnership of taste and ideas. Anna and Jon both have such distinct, individual styles, but they complement each other really well. I love how the space works and fits so well in the home. I guess as a designer that’s all you want in a project; a symbiosis with your client which ends up with a sensational result.

Credit: Malcolm Menzies (Images), Molly Forbes (Words)
Published: As featured in EKBB Magazine, Issue 237, January 2016

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