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5 Zen Bedrooms That Are the Ultimate Slumber Caves

Need a calm and comfortable space to rest your head? Check out these bedrooms for inspiration
   Amanda Peters  |  written on: 10-07-2022 20:00pm

1. Laid-back luxury

luxury, comfortable bed, soft, bed, contemporary, white, blue, yellow, grey, linen, fireplace, cushions, soft furnishing, armchair, footstool, white side table, cushioned headboard,

Credit: The Fish Hotel

Designer: Bedrooms by interior designer Hannah Lohan

Part of the 47-room Fish Hotel in The Cotswolds, this bedroom is designed to be light, bright and cosy, with open fires and candlelight giving it that Scandinavian wintry feel. The space uses greys, whites and blues to create a calm vibe, while a pop of yellow adds a playful charm to the room. A corner fireplace with a sink-in armchair and footstool makes for the perfect spot to enjoy a hot drink and unwind.

2. Moody hues

emerald green, metro tiles, comfortable bed, soft, bed, forest green, fireplace, brass, industrial lights, black side table, cushioned headboard, mantle, mirror, white linen, cushions, dark, wooden flooring,

Credit: Paul Craig, JOSS Property Developments

Designer: Sorcha Stajkowski, interior director and co-founder of JOSS Property Developments

Shades of forest green form the backdrop to this welcoming bedroom located in a period home. A cast iron fireplace with emerald green tiles is the focal point of the space, while brass fittings like the pendant lights, curtain poles and furniture handles introduce a sense of burnished warmth. A comfortable upholstered bed dressed in fresh whites and light grey completes the look.

3. Cottage industry

French-style bed linen, timbers, beaten metals, vintage, lamp, flowers, comfortable bed, soft, bed, white linen, wooden side table, industrial lights, bulb, wood window shutters, scandi, Scandinavian, wood, industrial, country, cottage, wood side table, g

Credit: Sharyn Cairns

Designer: Interior designer Kali Cavanagh

On the verge of collapse, designer Kali Cavanagh works her magic to restore a 150-year-old former miner’s cottage. Kali guts and reconfigures the whole home, relocating and attaching an en suite to the master bedroom. However, what really caught our eye is the restored old shed that had slipped halfway down a hill. Now firmly back in place, it serves as the garden studio guest room.

The ceiling was removed exposing the original beams, while an internal wall was taken out and replaced with a large glass panel to create a room with a beautiful view. The bedroom is almost all-white with industrial and vintage pieces from across Australia, LA, France and the UK. Neutral tones and natural materials can be seen throughout in the form of elegant French-style bed linen, rich timbers and beaten metals.

4. Country living

Credit: Adam Carter

Designer: Emma Sims-Hilditch, founder and creative director of Sims Hilditch

Located in a converted Wiltshire home, this master bedroom combines luxury and serenity to create a peaceful sanctuary complete with amazing views. Home to Emma Sims-Hilditch and her family, she was keen to put her stamp on the interiors.

Inspired by her trip to the South of France, Emma conceptualises a relaxing space using a neutral colour palette and soft furnishings. Natural materials such as wood, stone and linen add layers of texture and character to the room, while a freestanding bathtub in the corner gives the space a boutique hotel look. The four-poster bed with soft, neutral textures and the exposed pale wooden roof and walls create a laid-back yet luxurious country-style space.

5. Total serenity

Credit: Anders Hviid

Designer: Jette Egelund, owner of Vipp and Mogens Egelund, head conductor at Mogens Dahl concert hall

Located in a restored 1930s Copenhagen loft, this master bedroom adheres to the less is more school of thought, sticking to just the essential pieces of furniture that are both functional and good-looking. A prominent feature of this minimalist space is a potted olive tree which adds to the other natural touches like the Douglas pinewood flooring and shelf-wall. Clutter is kept to an absolute minimum and storage tucked away in a generous walk-in wardrobe adjacent to the main sleeping space. Designed by the couple in collaboration with Dinesen the shelf-wall behind the bed has been crafted from the same Douglas pinewood as the floors.

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   Amanda Peters
KBB Ark Staff Writer. I've been writing for design magazines for a few years now and like nothing more than ‘exploring’ other people's homes (with their permission, of course).

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